"Even fantasies I'm not into, I've bought because you where in it. It's a shame no one else out there seems to know what you do cause at the moment you have no competition."

You’ll Pay a Lofty Price for Your Curiosity


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28 March 2016

You’ve summoned me… and you do realize what a risk you are taking. In fact, I think you know EXACTLY where your curiosity will take you, what it will cause to happen to you. You know my sole purpose and responsibility… the power of my abilities. You may be here to interview me but… oh, how you must prize your job to chance being in my very presence.

I’ll answer your questions… I’ll share the details of my successes, the men—and women—I’ve delightedly expanded. You’d be surprised how simple it is, really… how natural.

Or should I give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself? Little do you know how carefully I concocted that drink you’ve been sipping… what it’s been doing to your very own body all this time. Aren’t you feeling the effects right about now?

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