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A Question of Intelligence


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3 October 2014

You’re my student, and YOU are not supposed to be here. Not right here, not right now. You’re not supposed to see this.

You’ve just walked in on me, the super sexy substitute teacher you’ve been eyeing everyday in class, and I happen to be right in the heat of ravishing your young classmate, Jenny… with my tail. I didn’t expect to reveal all to you this moment, but yes, I happen to be a succubus, and I’m currently feeding on little Jenny’s intelligence, sucking it all right out of her through my pulsating tail, and she’s having the time of her life while being condemned to the life of a mindless bimbo.

You’re watching us in action, all in our mutual states of undress and heated passion, and you have just one choice: run… or STAY. And your choice is the same any young man would make when faced with such a promise of sexual ecstasy.

Now… I thoroughly enjoy explaining exactly who I am and what I’m doing to you, my very captive audience. My every word turns you on; the sight of me makes you beg to be touched by me. My seduction works its magic on you as you hear Jenny’s moans of delight and extreme sexual pleasure. And then, it’s YOUR turn.