"You've done a few clips for me before, and they are actually the best on the whole net! And I'm not exaggerating."

I Want a Balloon for a Boyfriend!


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31 October 2014

Don’t worry about what I’m up to… I just want… to try something new. Just help me get this tank inside, okay? It’s just a helium tank. Well, it’s for you. I just thought it might be fun. Don’t worry… just relax. Just put this hose in your mouth, like so, and I’m going to just put this rope around your ankle. You know, just in case. Well, I don’t know what could happen… I’ve never done this before either!

It would just be SO hot if… if I could actually watch you inflate, right before my eyes. Think it’s possible? I’m just going to turn the helium pressure on… what does it feel like? Oh, you better not answer! Just keep that seal tight around the hose with your lips… and try to relax! I want to watch you grow… and enjoy the fact that neither of us know what’s going to happen…

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