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You’ll Never Forget This Year’s Family Christmas Party


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11 December 2018

There’s no reason to suspect this year’s annual family Christmas party will be different from all the others. Grandad’s splashed the cash and put all the relatives up in hotel rooms for a days-long celebration.

Nothing unusual in your single aunt asking you to help her up to her own room after a long day of partying either. You don’t mind playing the gentleman for your adult relatives that party a bit too much. But when you see your aunt safely to her room, you’re ready to go back to your own and call it a night.

But she wants to talk… You might as well entertain her a bit, listen to her older woman complaints. Your mother did teach you to be polite. But when your aunt starts talking about her sex life – explicitly – it’s a bit too weird for you.

The discomfort and awkwardness is too much… and so is your impromptu hard-on. But your aunt doesn’t want to let you go. In fact, she stands in your way and blocks your exit! What can you do??

Right before your eyes, she drops to her knees and helps herself to your crotch. And it feels so good…