"I've been watching porn all my life, and I can say, without question, you are the most beautifully stunning women in the industry."

You Know What You Are to Me: a Mere Accessory


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24 February 2011

We need to talk. Are you awake yet? There’s no point in putting off this discussion. Well… it’s not really a discussion, more like a one-way talk. If you keep acting the way you have been, like a total disappointment and not giving me all I want and need, you know things are going to change around here. In fact, you really have naturally become more of… an accessory.

You’re more of a decoration… something to add to my overall look and persona, but of no real use to me. I would love to carry you around, just dangling around my neck, or in my purse perhaps, and show you off to some or hide you from others… have you right there while I interview sexy men to be my NEW boyfriend.

Ah, and isn’t it great that I have the very ability to… transform you into just such an object to best suit your real usefulness and purpose in our relationship?? A wristwatch perhaps??