"You are one of a kind. I first wish to thank you for what you do; you fulfill a desire that cannot be sated anywhere else."

You Can’t Come Until I’m Completely Nude


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9 December 2008

Want to play a little game with me? I have a very sexy test for you. I’m all dressed up just to play with YOU…

I want to put on a little show for you…slowly strip off my clothing, item by item…tempt and tease you with each new bit of smooth bare skin exposed…slowly peel off my fishnet stockings right before your eyes…slip off my sexy knee-high boots as you watch…bend over just to drive you wild with the view…press my nude breasts right against the camera lens to see if you slip up….

ALL to see if YOU can last until I’m completely nude. I want you to stroke your cock… keep stroking! …and keep jerking that hard dick all the while as I’m stripping down to wearing nothing at all. You’re not allowed to come until every last bit of clothing is removed and I tell you that you can.

If you can manage… if you have the stamina! …I’ll invite you to shoot your load on my nude body. Any part of me that you wish!