"You cover every single fetish I have, your performances are amazing, story lines are perfect, you're SEXY both physically and psychologically, and you have a cute smile."

His First Lesson


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6 December 2014

The “Birds and Bees” Are Best Taught Firsthand

A personal call from the school principal is a call to action for Joey’s guardians. Quickly discovering their dear Joey may be growing up faster than they realize, a one-on-one discussion is deemed the best way to set the facts of life straight for Joey who’s been caught sharing intimate drawings of women with his classmates.

Sometimes, a personal demonstration is the best method of instruction. So focused on administering the most accurate anatomical lesson, Joey’s teacher for his first at-home course in the most obvious and best-loved part of the female body is the woman of the household Joey loves and trusts completely. She’s sweet, sensitive, to the point, and not at all hesitant in delivering a firsthand experience he’ll never forget. When Joey’s reaction to the straightforward visual and physical tutelage is more than she expects, his live-in teacher knows it’s time for a hands-on approach.

His Budding Curiosity Addressed in the Most Memorable Way ~ Her Careful Guidance and Nurturing Tenderness ~ Their Accidental, First-Time Taboo Experience

(Original story written by my little sister, Tina Tirrell and continues with “

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