"Out of all the girls I've seen, you are my favourite, and I think you are best equipped to carry off my request."

I Get More from Your Paid Slapping Sessions Than My Slap Doll Does


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21 February 2012

I know just what you want… because you PAY for it! I love our regular sessions. You arrive, and I’m all dressed up in just what you’ve requested. Sometimes you tell me why you think you deserve such punishment lately; sometimes, you don’t. All I know is that you want it… badly.

I not-so-gently tie the rope around your wrists and ankles, binding you upright before me. I decide when the session is over… not you, and not when you’re face is marked with a certain number of welts, my hand print is carved into your skin in a number of places, or open sores are cropping up all over those blushed cheeks.

I actually slap you until I’ve had MY fill, until all my own grievances have been paid for and I feel calm again. And I have a LOT of inner turmoil to take out on your face today!

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