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Which Tara Twin Would You Choose?


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15 November 2013

*TWICE THE TARA!!* Have you met my twin sister? She’s so gorgeous. She has long, dark hair cascading over her shapely shoulders, a rack to die for, and a personality perhaps even more assertive and flirtatious than my own. We were just having a conversation the other day, trying to figure out how to spend the afternoon, and I was trying to talk her out of getting a boob job.

Sometimes, my sister… well, I just have to remind her how blessed on top we really are! It was her idea to call him, the guy we’ve been seeing. Well, she was seeing him, but then he met me. And, of course, he just couldn’t decide which one of us he wanted. And we wanted him to finally choose!

Next thing you know, two loving sisters were in midst of real, erotic competition. We both had him on the bed, showing him our sexy skills, and playing up our big breasts… we made him come, and then made him decide. Right there in front of us.

So, um, which Tara would YOU choose? You’ve seen what we have to offer… you felt it! Who’s your favorite??

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