"You are worth every damn penny. I somehow just knew you would be able to pull this off, and holy shit, did you ever! That was mind-blowing."

We Have a Bet… Is that as Big as It Gets?


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10 May 2011

Awww… I feel SO bad about what happened last night! I wanted to come over and apologize right away. Well, after a quick trip to the beach. I can’t believe what happened at the pool party last night… to think that someone pulled your pants down in front of the ENTIRE group and there was your little thingy exposed to all those bikini-clad girlfriends of mine! How terrible!

Well, we know what can happen to a man’s penis when it’s cold… or shy. I wanted to share with you that my girlfriends and I think you must be a “Grower” rather than a “Shower.” I bet that if we tease that thing a bit, you’ll grow so long and hard… how about if I just yank your pants down again right now! Now, stroke it for me… that’s it… make it big… make it… what do you mean it’s already hard?!?!?