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Want to Keep Your Job? Then, Drop Your Drawers!


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18 February 2009

Come on in, and have a seat. Yes, right there beside my desk is fine. It’s time for your employee performance review. I’ll be honest, things are looking well for you. I don’t think you’ll like what I have to report, but…. Well, there is something you can do to change things around.

I am your boss, so it’d be best if you don’t try to say “no” to me. I don’t recommend that at all. It’s in your best interest to just do what I ask. Yes, right here in my office. No one will know but you and I.

There’s no time to be embarrassed or shy. This is what you have to do to keep your job. You do want to keep your job, don’t you? And your cock poking at your pants there in front of my eyes tells me that you’ve always fantasized about this very scenario anyway….

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