“I’m so excited for all the great stuff you’re going to make this year.”

"I'm so excited for all the great stuff you're going to make this year."

Waking Up Mummified, Immobile, and Soon to Be Smothered for My Amusement


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7 April 2010

Finally waking up? It’s about time. Wow… you were out cold all night. So much so that I managed to completely wrap your entire body in plastic wrap from head to toe! How does it feel to wake up mummified? Completely encased and unable to move one inch?

Poor thing… Now, don’t act like we haven’t been through this before. You love this little game… No use struggling to break free or trying to talk your way out of this one. You should know better than to let me fill you with alcohol so you sleep so hard and can’t even realize when you’re being completely bound!

Now, shut up or I’ll shove these dirty panties in your mouth, stretch painful duct tape right across your jaw, and nestle my ass down right on your face! If you’re lucky, I’ll let you breathe at some point….