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Your Babysitter Helps You Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Inflatable Toy


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27 August 2011

Aw, don’t worry. Your mum says we need to get you packed up for the big move. We just need to take his air out. You can re-inflate him and bring him to life again as soon as you move to your new place. Okay?

Now, I’ll show you just how to flatten him completely and get ALL the air out. Just watch me squeeze him, sit and bounce on him, fold and bend him, and after a LOT of work, I’ll carefully fold him up in a neat little package.

But first, I’ll show you how to find his valve… we’ll gently pop it out and upright and tug on the seal if we have to finally open it and release all his air. Don’t worry. I’ll be very gentle on him. It doesn’t hurt him one bit. In fact, I think he likes it…

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