"I dig your videos!! They don’t make me feel like i’m watching porn so much. Your facial expressions and sincerity delve into left brain a little more. That combined with your natural beauty is leagues ahead of the norm!"

You’re Going to Be Encased as My Cum Slave


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19 June 2011

Ah, I see that you’re back for more. Want me to jerk you off then? Need me to tell you just how to masturbate for me? Be careful… you may just bring out the dominatrix in me. I might just start liking this control I have over you. I might just want you for my own slave…

Do you like how that feels? Being naked in front of little old me and pulling on your dick as it grows harder and harder? Would you like to really be challenged? …to see just how hard your cock can get?

Then, get out the plastic wrap and tape. It’s time for you to encase yourself… gradually… and just how I dictate. Now, keep that dick free for stroking…

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