"I just wanted to say I'm in support of everything you do. You're truly an incredible woman based on your body of work. Beautiful, smart, seductive and very unique with your ways to grasp a man's attention."

Unknowingly Evolving into a Girly Little Girl through Husband-Ordered Hypnotherapy


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8 June 2011

The poor thing just didn’t know what she was in for, how much her life would drastically change. She came into my office one afternoon, after I was prepaid and pre-instructed by her own husband, and sat down for her own first session of therapy not knowing that her own brainwashing was the order of the day.

Bit by bit, I’d chip away at her brain, picking apart those dominant traits and ideals, stealing away her professionalism and individualism, and start stirring up her subconscious femininity, just the way her husband wanted her. I had to start slowly, just one appointment at a time. I had a terrible time convincing her to relax and let me put her under for hypnotherapy the first time. But once I was inside her mind and had obtained control, there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop what was going to happen to her, let alone even have the ability to realize it or stop it.