"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing video! I have been disappointed several times before with other "artists", but you always deliver!"

Treating You to a Clothes Ripping Striptease While You Masturbate for Me


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18 February 2010

I know you like a good show… and I do too. Guess what you’re going to do for me right now. And I for you… hee hee hee Do you like my beautiful, long gown? Don’t I look glamorous and elegant? Would you like to take me out for a nice dinner?

Let’s just skip all of that and stay in. I have a very sexy idea. I’m tired of this old dress. In fact, I think it could use some remodeling. I could make it so much sexier. See these scissors? Don’t worry; I’ll keep them far from your hot body!

I’m going to start snipping at my beautiful gown while you stroke your cock for me and watch my dress grow more and more revealing… showing more and more skin… All you have to do is last in order to come for me right when my dress finally falls completely off my body and I’m standing totally nude before you. Let’s play…