"You have great production and methodology to your videos. I have basically bought ALL of your spanking clips, and love them to pieces."

High-Speed Masturbation Marathon: StripTEASE Edition


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28 November 2009

So… you think you’re up to the next challenge? Oh, do I have something special in store for you… I’m feeling particularly mischievous today! I want to truly test your stamina, your patience, your ability to withstand some SERIOUS teasing. Oh, if the stripping down to my naked body won’t do you in, the teasing surely will!

I have new techniques for you to use… Oh, yes! COMPLETELY new rules and even new lingerie! Can you even guess what I’m wearing beneath my business suit? Of course, not! And that’s a big part of the fun for me. Get ready for your biggest endurance test yet.

Jump through hoops for me, put on a REAL GOOD show with that hard and well lubricated cock of yours, and I’ll make every single second so worth your while. Don’t I always? Now, I’m ready to get started… Are you?