"Your imagination for such things is fantastic!"

Trapping a Succubus for Your Own Devious Pleasure… for Now


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28 October 2011

I hear you can find anything on the internet. Any kind of information. …the most odd, the most hidden, the most unbelievable. There’s an urban myth (or is it?) that tells the story of men browsing the internet for a well hidden spell… a ritual for the entrapment, the enslavement, of a succubus in the flesh. Yes, it is true.

You’re one of these men, aren’t you? Can you admit what you’ve done? Have you drawn the triangle already? Have you spoken the spell? Have you lit the candles and watched in disbelief as they were blown out again by some mystical force? Did you witness her appearance? Nude and in the warm flesh before you?

What did you do then? …with a genuine succubus, a being designed for pleasure and seduction, within your control? Did you make her do THOSE things to you? Did you enjoy them? Did you take her, ride her, ask her to submit again and again?

Did you then witness the result of all of that erotic power you gave up to be with her? You’re a slave to her now, aren’t you?