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The Succubus Returns to Re-enter Your Most Dangerous Dreams


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16 November 2017

Is she, or isn’t she?  Did she, or did she not?  Was she here?  There?  She’s on top of you now!  Right before your eyes, appearing hovering above you, her glorious nude body entices you with a sensation you’ve never felt before.  Is she real?  Can she be?  Is this all a dream?  Who is this mysterious woman…  She speaks.

She is a succubus: ancient, powerful, overwhelmingly beautiful.  She’s a figment of your fantasies, the compilation of your imagination.  You’re frozen in dreamlike paralysis.  She seems to float above you, undulating her hips in a way you never imagined possible.  You’re on edge with every move she makes, the crescendo of your unbelievable experience impending around every turn.

And then… and then… then she breathes the words you most feared.  Somehow, you knew it was coming.  This is too good to be true.  You’re leaving the earthly realm, consumed by the most seductive of succubi.

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