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I Totally Fucked the Headmaster to Rule the School


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16 August 2018

Um, do you have a minute?  Well, I just wanted to know if you could help me with something… You see, I’m sooo appreciative of the grades you got me after my last little visit but… well, it seems fucking all the male teachers in school has caused some problems for me.  It’s like they’re totally fighting over me now.

Ooops!  I dropped my pencil!  Will you help me pick it up?  I can’t reach… are you going to spend all day down there under the desk looking up at me??  I was wondering if you could talk to them for me?  I know it’s not your job… I know you can’t acknowledge that you know or they might all figure out why you changed my grades.

It’s just that… well, it would be horrible if anyone found out what YOU did to me the last time I was in your office…  I mean, you’d lose your job, right?  All those parents and colleagues would be looking at you like you’re a big sexual deviant.  I mean, the headmaster making a poor, innocent, young student put her hand on his cock??

Well, if you won’t continue to do for me whatever I want you to, I’m going to share with EVERYONE what happened before… and to seal the deal, I think you need to fuck me right now…