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I Totally Seduced and Jerked Off the Headmaster to Get My Grades


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25 September 2009

Guess what I just did! Ooooh… no man is a match for me! Not even the Headmaster himself! ha! I just got called to his office… well, for the “trouble” I’ve been causing in the school. I don’t think it’s any big deal. Not really. So what if I’ve managed to seduce EVERY male teacher in the school! I deserved those A grades. I have skills! hee hee hee

Well, I was sitting there in the Headmaster’s office totally annoyed by his accusations and trying to explain that what I’ve done is no big deal… when I noticed he was totally turned on by me!

So, you know, I played it up more… poured on the charm, fidgeted in my seat, pretended I had to scratch a few itches in intimate places… He was like putty in my hands!

Before he knew it, I was stroking his cock and giving him the best handjob of his life… all while acting completely innocently and reminding him that he really SHOULDN’T come! ha! He just couldn’t help himself… and I walked out with a sample of his DNA. He can’t do anything to me now!