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Threatening to Bust your Balls for your Misbehavior


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21 July 2010

You’ve acted out of line for the last time! I just can’t seem to get through to you anymore. Are you listening to me, young man?! Now, past punishments haven’t worked with you, and you’re STILL pushing the boundaries and disobeying me.

From now on, I’m going to try something completely different. When you screw up again… and I KNOW YOU WILL!!! …I’m going to make you pull down your pants and spank your balls! Oh, yes I am! Do you think that’s funny? Think I wouldn’t dare do such a thing?

Follow me. I’m going to explain EXACTLY what is going to happen to you the next time you act up!! Oh, you’re going to be aching for months and NEVER forget your next punishment lesson!

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