"Thank you for doing that thing you do,Tara Tainton... because nobody does it better. Those little extra swings you put in your walk... just those sexy little details are wonderful."

Aw, Did a Little Girl Bust Your Balls??


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18 January 2011

I heard about what happened to you today. Ha!! It was just a little schoolgirl, wasn’t it? Who caused you all that pain? How are you going to live out that one? The humiliation! Ha! So, the story goes that a little girl brought you to your knees, just rolled you over with excruciating pain by busting your balls.

I dare wonder why you asked for it. I know you did! How’d she do it? What’d it feel like? Did she knee you in the groin… like this?!?! Or high kick you right between the testicles… like this??! Oh, I wish I could’ve watched it all go down.

EVERYONE is going to be laughing at you!! …and it looks like you’re STILL in terrible pain. Poor thing! Ha!