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This Interview Isn’t for the Secretarial Position?


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18 August 2014

I can’t believe I’m in this position… What is this? Are they all ganging up on me? I mean, I did think it was a little odd there were so many people sitting across from me in my interview. It’s not THAT big of a position within the company anyway. And they were all men!

They just looked at me… from the very beginning… like… like they wanted to EAT me or something. I… I just really wanted a job. I’m desperate actually. Well, I thought I was until.. until what they offered me. I… it was just so much money. All of them staring at me, even cameras in the room, and… they just kept upping the prize.

If I would just take my top off, I would get paid SO much money. I really need that money. And then, if I took more off… but they all kept staring at me. I was SO uncomfortable. Mortified, really.

I can’t believe I did that… I can’t believe I was actually totally NUDE in front of all those oggling men. No matter how embarrassed I looked, they just wanted one thing. And I actually thought I was being interviewed for a secretarial position. It started off so legitimate…

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