"I have a ton of your clips and really, there's no one quite like you. The perfect woman really. I have wasted a lot of tissues to you, lol."

Forced to Fill the Company Maid Position Scrubbing Floors


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16 August 2012

No… you want me to what?? I… I don’t understand. I mean… you saw my credentials. You’ve hired me for… but I’m… you mean, I just spent two years conducting marketing simulations and studying finance so that you could… but I was invited to join the sales team! I can’t… what are you handing me a rag for??

I don’t think… look how I’m dressed! You can’t just… yes, yes I do want to work for this company. I’m so excited to be here but… yes, I… “get into it?” No, no, please don’t send me home or hire anyone else… I guess if this is what’s required to start “from the ground up,” I… oh, gosh. I just… but it’s so hot… I… I just… it’s so hard on my knees!! Look the skin reddening and blistering! I… you can’t just…!!!

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