“Your clips have been so brilliant.”

"Your clips have been so brilliant."

The Revenge Hex


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24 October 2011

I can’t believe I caught you… I can’t believe you’d actually cheat on me! I can’t believe you had a skank in OUR bed!! You know it’s the end. I’m kicking you out. You’re going to be forced to pack all your bags and leave immediately… after you hear my screaming rage!

I can’t believe… well, YOU aren’t going to believe what happens next. Oh, did you hear something odd on your way out of my apartment?? Never heard chanting before? You mess with a witch and any deceitful act can affect your life permanently. YOU made the choice. YOU chose your dick over our relationship. Well, your precious dick isn’t going to be able to be considered “the family jewels” any longer.

Do you feel that itch down there? That strange sensation? That’s the feeling of your dick shrinking. And that’s just the beginning. As I’m going to explain to you, you’re eventually going to have no use of it at all. And what a site and frustrating experience that will be for you! ha ha haha!!!!