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There’s Nothing Better Than Making Sweet Love with Your Own Mother


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7 May 2019

I love you… you know it’s true. We have such a special connection. And now, it’s a physical connection.

At least weekly – whenever we get the chance – sometimes, much much more often. Sometimes even in the middle of the night when your father is fast asleep. Because I need you. Because you need me.

We make intimate love as only a mother and son can and my, have I seen you grow into such a strong, handsome, EXPERIENCED man. You… are the perfect lover.

But as we undress and crawl on top of the bed together again, I can tell there’s something bothering you. A mother always knows. And it’s a girl at school, someone who’s coming onto you strong and you’ve realized that you don’t have a clue what it would be like to go out with her, let alone have sex with such a young girl.

I’m your mother; I’m here for you in all ways. So, how about a little role play? I’ll show you just what it’s like to be with a bumbling, giggling girl her age.

And very quickly, you’ll agree… that there’s nothing sweeter than making TRUE LOVE – with me.

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