“Tara is so hot, her voice so arousing, and she can be pretty damn funny too. Freekin awesome.”

"Tara is so hot, her voice so arousing, and she can be pretty damn funny too. Freekin awesome."

The Tables Are Turned When an Intruder Bares His Small Penis


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28 May 2010

I’m scared for my very life when you break into my home and suddenly appear when I arrive, having waited for me just so you could humiliate and take advantage of me. I’m dreading the worst when you force me to strip and completely disregard my pleading and begging for you to leave my home and leave me untouched. You’re only thinking of yourself… and your cock.

When you persuade me that it’s in my best interest to pull down your pants for you and deliver a blowjob, I’m feeling helpless under your dominance and completely under your control. I finger the waistband of your underwear, prepared to pull them down and place your bulging, intruding cock in my mouth… and then I burst into giggles!!!!!!!

I stare in shock, feel a rush of relief, and laugh with disbelief at your stunningly TINY dick. Suddenly, I know who’s really in charge as your expression changes and you nervously shake with embarrassment. I can’t help but humiliate you and return your perspective to the proper direction. You don’t have power over me. You’re not even a real man! There’s no cock to suck… only commands for me to give YOU as I send you to my own bedroom to humiliate yourself at my direction with the stuffed animal toy lying on my bed.

You’re going to jerk off while I subject you to more degrading talk, laughing, and all while snapping photos of you, one after the other, with my camera. Even your quick ejaculation deserves being laughed at. Now, you better remember your lesson learned or I’ll use all of these new photos of you to humiliate you beyond what you’re able to withstand!