"You're the only person in the world that could make me be so dirty."

The Day You Visit Tara Tainton IN PERSON


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5 March 2020

Well, I wasn’t expecting you… but… it’s VERY nice to meet you.  So, you’re one of my biggest fans then?  Support me and my creative work by buying my videos?  I soooo appreciate it.  And thank you for the lovely compliments… the wonderful emails and encouragement.  THANK YOU for being a true fan, one of the ones who realize what makes my erotic videos stand out.

And welcome to my set!  I’m just between videos now… hope you don’t mind seeing me in just some old jeans and a t-shirt.  I have a few minutes to sit down and chat if you want?  …you know, I can tell you’re one of the really nice ones.  You’re such a gentleman and… um… you’re quite cute.  Yes, I mean it.  You’re kind of making me shy around you… you’re so attractive.

You know, since you’re here… and you’re a true fan… I could take just take off my t-shirt for you?  I mean, you could actually tell all your friends you were right here, right with Tara Tainton, and got to see her breasts.  Would you like me to do it fast or slowly?  hee hee hee

Okay, then, maybe I’ll peel off my jeans first.  How’s that?  You know… it’s a bit strange being the only one half naked in here… and we ARE all alone.  I mean, it’s only fair that you take off some clothes too.  Come on, I want to see your muscles; I know they’re under there…  No one’s going to come in; I locked the door behind us when you came in.

Like I said, I think you’re sexy…

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