"Thank you for your amazing videos that you do. You make me feel as if I'm in each one that I watch."

That Doll’s Going to Get What She Deserves


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16 February 2012

You have no idea what I’m capable of… when pushed. And let me tell you, that doll had it comin’ to her! She was looking at me that way, you know? Just watching me, thinking she was prettier than me… and maybe I do have a bit of a masochistic bone in my body.

I just felt compelled to make the pretty doll sniff my smelly slippers, almost to the point of taking her breath away! And when that was boring, I sized her up to my big feet… and who do you think one that comparison? Hee hee hee! I could pinch her little head between my toes… if I wanted to. It would be SO easy! And then, it was time to really show the doll who was boss…