"Wow, holy cow, Tara. You've really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative."

Overwhelmed with a Tickly, Sneezing Nose, Thanks to My Own Smelly Hose and Feet


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16 January 2010

Exhausted from a long day at work… and in these horribly high heels! …I don’t want to do anything but collapse on my soft bed. Ahhhh… And release my aching throbbing… oooh, and smelly!! …FEET!

My pantyhose are sticking to my damp toes and soles and oh, my… my nose!! Oooh, it tickles! Is it the smell of my own feet that’s causing the tickle? Oooh, they do smell badly!

Sniff sniff…..achoo!! sniff sniff …ACHOO!! Oooh, I just can’t smelling my wiggling toes and stinky feet! ACHOOOOOO!

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