"Out of all the girls I've seen, you are my favourite, and I think you are best equipped to carry off my request."

Humiliating You Down to the Small Man You Are So I Can Crush and Swallow You


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11 October 2009

Where have you been? Don’t you know I’ve been waiting for you all this time? How dare you make me wait! Do you know how lucky you are to have me… to KNOW me! You promised to help me study for my exams. Now what I’m going to do?

Oh, do you feel smaller now, you pathetic son of a … Of course, you do! You’re puny! You mean nothing to me or anyone else. This was your last chance. Now, you’re done for. I should just stomp you out with my sock feet.

Oh, don’t you try to get away! I’m faster than you!! I’ll pull my socks off, chase you down, and smash you right here like a mere little bump on the sole of my foot! Like a smelly little pimple! Speaking of smelling… how do you like my stinky gym feet? Oh, take a good whiff… that’s the last joy you’ll ever have, you little piece of shit!

Now, I’ve worked up an appetite. I wonder how you’d taste… I’m inclined to EAT YOU!! If you don’t taste good, I’ll just spit you out and squash you with my ass… breaking every little bone in your inconsequential body… and then swallow you down anyway!