“There are so many free videos out there, but your videos are the best and I just have to own them myself.”

"There are so many free videos out there, but your videos are the best and I just have to own them myself."

Testing Your Resolve Live and on the Air in Front of All Your Eager Viewers


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5 March 2010

Are we on the air yet? Oh, we are! Well, thank you for having me on your show. I’m so grateful to be here. I would love to share news of my latest sexy film projects with your audience. There is one recent accolade I’m particularly proud of. One of the biggest magazines in the country named me as Sexiest Woman of 2010. Can you believe it? I’m so very flattered.

Now, would you agree with them? Oh, don’t be shy. You’ve had so many beautiful women and film stars on your show and sitting right here in this very seat. I would love to hear your own opinion. What?! You don’t agree? Oh, come now. You don’t find me at all attractive. Ha!

I think you’re just saying that because your wife is sitting in your live audience. Or is it the millions of dedicated viewers watching us right now that intimidate you? You really must be joking. You know how I can tell? Well, there is that huge bulge in your pants obvious to everyone in the studio right now! hee hee hee

What do you say, all of you in the audience, would you like me to get up and personally determine if your host actually has a hard-on for me? Yes? Now, you can’t disappoint your viewers. They’re demanding to know! I’m just going to pull down your pants, reveal that tent in your boxers, and pull down those as well to expose your stiff cock.

And then… you can tell me how it feels to have my skilled hands on your cock right here on your stage in front of a LIVE audience and countless viewers watching at home as I make you come again and again and again! How’s that for the work of a so-called “unattractive” woman such as myself? hee hee hee