"Your are on a planet all your own, and nobody revs my engine like you do."

Teaching You a Deeply Inhaled Lesson in Breath Play


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13 October 2011

Ready for the most powerful orgasm of your life? I know just how to serve it up to you. You’re going to need my help. Heck, I know you just can’t do it without me. You want me to guide you… to control you… to take charge of your own orgasm.

I’m going to challenge you all right. We’re going to take that sexual turnon of yours and play with it, tease it, entertain it. You know your limits, but I don’t. I’m going to ease you into some serious erotic excitement, and you just let go whenever you need to.

Eventually, if you’re really ready for a serious orgasm, you’ll be able to follow my directions explicitly, and you’re going to make me VERY happy. Now, lets build up that ridiculously agonizing erection and erupting orgasm of yours…

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