“Just recently stumbled onto you and I’m glad I have. You’re just on a completely different level.”

"Just recently stumbled onto you and I'm glad I have. You're just on a completely different level."

Tara’s Sissy Anal Training: Advanced Level


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19 July 2018

You’ve been begging for it, but you must’ve learned by now that you should be careful what you wish for… Are you REALLY ready to take on the Advanced Level??  Get out your fattest dildos or cucumbers of your choice.  Utilize four fresh ones to switch out during your training or just use two… if you’re just that dirty.

Now, get ready to be tested, trained, and all-together tempted as your every position, orgasm, technique, and speed are dictated for you.  You’re going to be driven to the edge and beyond several times, in several ways, and just as you think you can’t possibly handle anymore.

Oh, and YES, my devious little metronome is going to really challenge you.  Keep up with the ass pounding it dictates for you, and you’ll graduate to my Advanced Sissy.