“You are the hottest one out there on so many fronts.”

"You are the hottest one out there on so many fronts."

Shaping Up My Soldiers with Ball Busting Disciplinary Action


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9 November 2011

All right, men. I’m sick and tired of seeing so many bulges in trousers when I stand before you. You show no discipline, no self-control, and no respect for your commanding officer. Now, what’s the cause of this, men? Can you not contain yourselves, even in the line of duty, when a female stands before you?

You’ve been trained to be above being mere men; you’re SOLDIERS. Instead, you’re squirming in the ranks, sporting tents the size of your rifles, and wavering in position. It’s time to get you men in line. Severe disciplinary action is called for. If you can’t handle the pressure, if you must get a hard on in my presence, if you DARE come in your pants in front of me, I will knee you in the nut sack! Do you hear me??

Now, what’s this in the front line now? A tent pole? If I feel it with my pantyhose clad knee, will you groan and come in your uniform? Then, I’ll knee you in the balls with it! I’m going to go down the ranks and bring you all to your knees and groveling on the floor if I have to… one by one. The reprimanding now commences!