"I have to give you praise for the work that you do. You do an excellent job of getting absorbed into each role that you perform."

You LOVE “She Likes It!”


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15 March 2013

I can’t blame you… is this my hottest taboo MILF scenario yet??  Last week’s hot new MILF debut, “She Likes It,” is still in the Clips4Sale all-site Top Clips ranking and now at #18!  Ah, you and your dirty little fantasies!

If you love the taboo MILF genre, you might already know that my own virtual video scenes are the hottest on Clips4Sale right now.  Yes, the Tara Tainton Experience tops the MILF charts at #1, making “She Likes It” the second hottest MILF video on the entire site at the moment.

Make sure you don’t miss out.  This is the first followup to a brand new taboo MILF series you begged for.  First, “She Asked for It” blew your minds and now, “She Likes It.”  What could be next??  You know I have something HOT in mind for you already… You’ll just have to wait for it.

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