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Taking Advantage of You When You’re Most Vulnerable


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26 October 2009

Oh, my gosh!! Are you all right??! I saw your house is a mess… your front door was wide open! What are you doing all tied up? Have you been robbed? Oh, my gosh! I should untie you… that rope not is really tight…. who did this to you?

Wait a minute… why are you smiling?! Oh, my gosh, you have an erection!! You’re totally turned on sitting there in that chair with your hands bound looking up and down my body. I guess that means you like my outfit? You’re so naughty!

You know, on second thought, it’s not my job to untie you. I should call the police and have them take care of all of that. BUT not until I have my way with you… I’ll tell you about a little fantasy of mine. Oh, and you have to listen; you can’t run away! This is going to be very, very fun…

There’s something I’ve been wanting to whisper to you as I like my moist lips… something I’ve been wanting to touch… something I’ve longed to show you… Oh, and you are definitely going to come for me!