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Swallow your Hot Cum for StepMommy, and Don’t Tell Father


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28 September 2010

Oh my!! Are you doing what I think you are?! Oh dear. I can’t believe my own stepson is masturbating under his bed covers and…. what is that?!? Photos of me?!?!? Oh my!! Now, what are we going to do about that? I don’t think your father should hear about this. No, no, no.

And you STILL have a hard on even though I walked into the room and startled you! Oh, dear. Well, you’re going to have to finish up in front of me then. You should always finish every project you start, young man! Go ahead, pull those covers back and show me everything you have hidden there. I don’t know why you’re not looking at sexy magazines filled with young women.

Now, you absolutely must finish so we can put this behind us. If I remove my blouse and bra, will that help? You must be able to finish if you can enjoy the sight of me live and in front of you. Don’t mind me watching… now, you know what you’re going to have to do with that cum now, don’t you?

I’m getting tired of washing your dirty, soiled sheets every morning. You’re just going to have to eat up all that cum so I don’t have to replace your bedding!! Eat it now!!