"You understand that a seductive build up and good plot makes the pay off that much more satisfying. I'm not look for a quick wank, I'm looking for an experience and you deliver every single time."

You’ve Never Seen Your Auntie Like This Before


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19 March 2019

These things… tend to happen when you least expect them. Just when it’s not on your mind, it’s never crossed your thoughts, and you’re not even doing it at school. But it’s on your Auntie’s mind.

Oh, yes. It’s gradual, it’s just a glimmer in her eye at first, but it becomes oh-so obvious as her presence lingers. She’s got her eye on you – and more. And she, apparently, doesn’t give up.

No matter how hard of a time you give her, how much you may or may not want to keep her at bay, no matter how little confidence you may have when it comes to S-E-X at this age. And why fight it? It’s going to happen. It’s HAPPENING. Right now…

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