"You have this amazing ability to find a hidden sexual desire inside anyone and set it free."

Surrender to Goddess Tara as your New Religion


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25 August 2010

I know what you want… I know what you NEED. I’m the all-knowing one, Goddess Tara. Would you like to obtain peace and everlasting joy? Do you want to know what true heaven and pleasure feel like? Then, step forward, kneel down, and accept my commandments.

Look closely at what you love, what you will worship all the more. It’s okay to covet MY body… soak in every inch, memorize every part. You’ll be praying to me soon enough. Now, get down on your knees, raise your palms in prayer, and begin your worship of me by stroking your cock.

You’re going to provide me with the utmost show of your respect, love, and faithfulness. Squirt your steamy seed for me as you sing my praises. Tell me how much you love me, how much you adore me, how much you want me… and how you willingly give your mind, body, and SOUL to me… your one true goddess. I’m the only religion you need ever know or obey.