"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do. I love how you make long clips to really get into the scenario."

Luring You Away from Your Male-Only Religion to Worship Me as Your Goddess


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12 February 2016

Hello, it’s such a privilege to be permitted to interview you. I understand you’ve actually NEVER seen a woman before due to spending your entire life devoted to your strict religious order? A completely male-only culture? You seem a bit uncomfortable before me now; it may be easier to converse on your beliefs if you sit a bit closer to me. Would you like me to guide you through one of the helpful meditative practices of my own religion? Just breathe deeply and try to relax.

If you don’t mind, I’ll just remove my jacket and shoes to adjust to the temperature here and perhaps, you’ll be more comfortable if I take my hair down and appear a bit more natural to you? Now, just listen to the sound of my voice and try to feel the goddess herself running through you. Feel that energy coursing through your veins, that warming sensation between your legs? That’s perfectly natural… a bit contrary to your usual practice of diverting your sexual energy entirely and redirecting it to a more spiritual place, but very powerful and spiritual nonetheless.

Allow yourself to FEEL and experience EVERYTHING. Do you feel your mind evolving? Your soul awakening to new discoveries? Your blood rushing and your first forbidden orgasm approaching?

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