“Your experience is genuinely the most authentic I've ever witnessed. You're a talented actress/performer & by far my favorite adult entertainer.”

Sweet Surrender… Submit to My Sensually Hypnotic Feet, Legs, and Ass


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21 May 2010

I know you love being dominated by me, my submissive pawn… I know you NEED to be dominated by me! Who am I to turn you down and not fulfill all of your needs? After all, you do worship me quite well… head to toe. I know you have no choice but to submit to my nude body encased in a tight black lace bodystocking… your favorite!

See how the nylon stretches over my long, lean legs? See how it pulls across my slender feet and wiggling toes? Admire how the material strains against my curvy ass as I bend over and totally seduce you with my shapely ass cheeks and tasty slit? Oh, my movements are purposely hypnotizing. You can’t move… you can’t look away… you have no choice at all but to submit to me completely. You can’t resist… why would you want to?

I’m dressed for you… modeling and posing just for you… showing off every inch of my body to fulfill your own desires. And when you come, you will have totally surrendered… every fiber of your being, every swell of your cock, every rush of your blood, and every spurt of your hot semen FOR ME!!! Worship me, my loyal slave, and I’ll forever indulge you with my total domination of you…