"There's something so much deeper and better about being turned on by someone whose eyes have such life in them. Short version: you really are something special."

How to Practice True Tara-ism as Your Religion


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18 January 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

It’s time to teach you. You’ve accepted Tara-ism as your one true religion and myself as your one true goddess forever and always. It is now time to learn how to practice what I preach, how to be my little cult follower in training… how to be my slave.

I am now your mistress, and you will worship every inch of my body. You will worship this divine pussy. You will pray to these worship-worthy tits. You will denounce all others and kneel before me to feel true joy in your heart. I will instruct you on just how to be the perfect worshiper: how to build an altar celebrating ME, what my first commandments for you are, what to eat, how to live, what your new masturbatory meditation practice is, and just how you will praise me each and every day.

Your worship begins NOW. In return, I grant you the best orgasm of this life.