“I have been following your clips for a long long long long time. Your cuckolding and humiliation videos are the best I have seen.”

"I have been following your clips for a long long long long time. Your cuckolding and humiliation videos are the best I have seen."

BLACKMAILED: Conservative District Attorney Turned Uninhibited Lap Dancer


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29 June 2010

You’re the dubious attorney representing the owner and operator of a gentleman’s club recently open for business. Your opposition, the straight-faced district attorney working for the conservative community outraged by the new business open within its main business district, has generously agreed to an after-hours business meeting. Of course, she’s interested in keeping publicity concerning the new business and your disagreement to a minimum as she leads the ongoing fight against your client’s business. The entire community is trying to shut your client’s enterprise down… despite its booming success in their small neighborhood among their “moral” members.

Despite the opposition, you’re an attorney who wins every case, no matter how low you have to stoop to succeed for your clients and your pristine record. You’re not stranger to blackmail. In fact, you’re the very best at it. You figure this case may be easier than some you’ve worked with in the past…. this outwardly conservative D.A. tightly buttoned up in her tailored business suit, her hair up in a tight bun, shapely legs encased in sheer nylon, petite feet snug in tasteful pumps, and glasses distracting from her intense eyes, sitting across her desk before you is a little spitfire… you KNOW there’s more inner sexiness – and horniness – to her than is readily apparent. You have just the thing to bring it out of her, a concoction you’ll soon be secretly planting into her tea mug.

She’ll never know what hit her as she sips away continuously, wags her sharp tongue, challenges you and your client with everything in the books, and habitually pulls down the hem of her straight, plain skirt to hide, well, what you personally think every woman should be showing much more of. It’s only a matter of time now. The process is so incredibly pleasing to watch from beginning to end… the slow and teasing breakdown of a conservative woman transforming into a giddy, flirting, sex-driven, completely assertive stripteasing sex kitten.

Little does she know that she’s being filmed; your accomplice has already planted the hidden camera in the lounge area of her office, where you’ll soon convince her to move to in an effort to keep the meeting more casual. She’s ready to do business and put you and your client in your moral places.

You’re just eager to watch the amazing show about to begin… and capture those incriminating photos after she inevitably passes out. Ah, you really love your job!