"I can't get enough. You can be so erotic and teasing that I almost bust without even touching myself."

Demonstrating Extremely Painful Ball Busting Tactics


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2 April 2011

This is Ball Busting 101, ladies. Are you ready to take your offensive tactics to the next level, to use everything you’ve got to cause men severe pain in one crushing blow after another for the benefit of all of us? I’ll teach you just how to do that, one maneuver after another, one tactical, sneaky, PAINFUL move after another.

This is how girls become women. And men… well, they become the crushed, helpless, crying children begging for our mercy that we want them to be. Let’s learn how to crush, stomp, twist, slice, pound, kick, hit, knee, and pierce that groin area that men prize so highly.

Put on your tough-girl panties, ladies. This is going to be very painful to watch; we can all imagine just how grossly agonizing these methods would be for a man.

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