"There's something so much deeper and better about being turned on by someone whose eyes have such life in them. Short version: you really are something special."

A Sweet, Young, New Babysitter Needs a Ball Busting Lesson


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21 June 2011

Ah, so you want to know how to CONTROL those little bastards. I know just the trick. You see, the key to putting those young boys in check is to focus ALL your discipline on their penis and testicles. It’s true!

Once they know that YOU know their weakness, once you show them by example, you’ll have those brats right where you want them and your babysitting experience will be completely different! I have a few more years of experience beyond yours. I’ve learned just how to turn little hell cats into little angels.

You’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Let me show you a few examples. First, let’s go into the kitchen and hunt for the spatula…

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