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Briefing My Soldiers for Combat Readiness


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11 November 2011

There will be many distractions you’ll be faced with in the line of duty. Your strength, stamina, self-control, and very patriotism will be tested to the maximum. The enemy has many faces and wears many disguises; you must learn to recognize and resist them all. You boys must be ready for combat of the most scrutinizing, the psychological test of your lifetime.

Atten-HUT! Now, I want you to remain at attention as I brief you, no matter what you’re faced with. Eyes forward and shoulders back, men. Palms at your sides and chins up! You should not be gazing at my fingertips as they play with the top button of my uniform. You should not catch the glimpse of my garters offered. You should not waiver. You should not falter. Stand at attention, soldiers! This is the biggest test of your resolve and commitment to the military that you will ever face.