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Sexy Home Invader Seduces You in Your Sleep


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15 October 2014

I’m going to sneak in… in the shadows of your bedroom as you lie there all vulnerable and unsuspecting. I’ll tiptoe across the floor, decked out in the tightest of black clothing, skintight garb to completely hide my identity. You won’t even know I’m there as my gloved hands over above you and my masked face peers at you in the night.

I’ll carry out my plan by placing my hand over your mouth… just to help you relax… just to ensure fantasy is blended with reality and you have no recollection of what’s about to take place. I’ll tease you… for my own enjoyment. Oh, the things I could do to you now. And you have NO idea, no way to stop me, no coherency.

But you do wake periodically, hanging onto to your consciousness and catching glimpses of my body as I undress bit by bit as I bounce above you and ride you long into the night… I’m going to take what I’ve come for… your uncontrolled orgasm… and disappear again. You’ll see me, feel me, know that I’m there, but you can’t make a single move or do anything to stop it.

I’m leaving you with nothing but the faintest dream of a big breasted mystery beauty riding your cock, hovering over you, and using your body against your will.