"Wow, holy cow, Tara. You've really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative."

Sexy Giantess Shrinks You Down to Size to Crush You with Her Bare Sole


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30 September 2009

It’s time that I shrink you down to size. Don’t you think? Did you know that I have the power to make you grow smaller – instantly – simply by blowing you a magic kiss? Oh, you don’t believe me? I’m going to show you just how puny, inconsequential, and meaningless you really are….

Oh, what’s the matter? Are you feeling smaller now? …as you shrink down past my shoulders, past my breasts, past my waist, past my thighs… now far far from my knees and even my ankles? I could smash you to smithereens… you’d be nothing more than a stain on the ball of my foot. In fact, that’s just what I’m going to make you right NOW…